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What Are The Ingredients?

Each Propre Skoop and Skoosh Product has its own SDS,

We have uploaded that PDF below to each individual product on our Easy Green site.

How Many Applications Do The Products Have?

The User Guide is downloadable as a PDF here. There are loads of natural applications with the Propre Eco-Friendly Cleaning Range from cleaning boats, paintbrushes, naturally removing wax, naturally cleaning ovens, leather and vinyl, and natural red wine stain removal, even blood stain removal!

Are You Chemical Free?
Propre’s Skoop and Skoosh cleaning products are environmentally friendly, phosphate free, non-toxic and gentle on our waterways and environment. They are not chemical free. All cleaning products contain chemicals. The ingredients we use are environmentally friendly. We do not promote or advertise that we are chemical free. We do not use ammonia, bleach, phosphates or other ingredients that are harmful to the environment.
Are Your Products Australian Made and Owned?
EasyGreen is 100% Australian owned. Propre is an Australian owned company and the Skoop and Skoosh Cleaning Products are manufactured in New South Wales.
Are Propre Skoop and Skoosh Products Septic Safe?
Propre’s Skoosh Multi does about 90% fo the household cleaning, and is the most likely product type to end up in your septic system, and therefore it is 100% safe to use in most septic systems. The Fresh Disinfectant should be used in septics with caution, particularly worm septics (in which you should be careful with any disinfectant you use.)

Like most things, it largely depends on the strength of the product used. No disinfectants are good for septic tanks as they are designed to kill bacteria and this is what these systems use to break down waste. Download the SDS and check with your SDS installer just to be safe with the disinfectant. Or happily purchase any of our other products, and just pour your disinfectant waste water on the grass!

Is there a Propre Product That Kills COVID-19?
Propre’s Skoosh Multi is an effective surface cleaner but is not a disinfectant or alcohol-based sanitiser, so it will not kill COVID-19. You can find more information on COVID-19 and how to effectively clean here.
Does Skoosh Fresh Disinfectant Kill Germs?
Yes! Our Skoosh Fresh Disinfectant is hospital grade disinfectant.

This super concentrate disinfectant can be used undiluted as hospital grade or mixed with water as household grade. It kills 99.9% of household bacteria and is effective against E.coli, Staphylococcus and Salmonella.

Is There a Propre Product That Will Clean My Oven Naturally?

Yes, take your oven racks out and put them in a hot bath with Crystal, and soak them overnight. After 24hrs a spray with Heavy Duty Multi and rub lightly with a scourer. Heavy Multi is just the Multi made to a stronger dilution as per the User Guide.

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