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KEY TAKEOUTS AND BENEFITS – always follow manufacturer and safety instructions

  • Very toxic for honey bees and all insects, efficacy is not only for selected few pests
  • Fast-acting — kills problem bugs quickly and can be diluted and used in garden setting 
  • Australian made product, with root ingredient from flowers sourced from Tasmania


Pyrethrins I and II – active ingredients 

Piperonyl butoxide –  (PBO) an additive that increases the effectiveness of pyrethrins.

N-Octyl Bicycloheptene dicarboximide -It has no intrinsic pesticidal qualities itself, but rather is a synergist enhancing the potency of pyrethroid ingredients

Ethanol – organic chemical compound

Sodium Metthyl Hydroxy Benzoate – sodium salt of methylparaben

Pyrethrum vs Pyrethrins – what is the difference?

  • Pyrethrum is the extract from the flowers
  • Pyrethrins are the six active molecules that act as the pest control agent in that extract.

How does Pyrethrin work?

  • Pyrethrin kills off insects almost instantly upon contact.
  • Tried and tested – ancient Chinese used the dried and powdered flowers as an insecticide and listed this material in a pharmacopoeia published around a.d. 100.

Where can you use this?

  • Very versatile product which can be used indoors, outdoors, in residential areas, commercial areas, on gardens, crops and structures.
  • Use varying strengths depending on where you want to use the product

Why use Pyrethrin based insect repellent or in your garden?

  • A plant based insecticide
  • A liquid base spray which is more effective than its powdered form
  • Pyrethrin breaks down rapidly, so it does not persist in the environment. 
  • Considered low in toxicity to mammals because it breaks down rapidly in the body.
  • It can be used as a bug spray –  flea and tick spray, insect spray or a wasp killer
  • Use Shoo Garden formulation on your plants to keep the nasties off and protect your plants
  • Spot spray Shoo Garden formulation onto problem areas of plants for best results
  • A liquid base spray which is more effective than its powdered form

Where to avoid when using Pyrethrin based spray

  • Pyrethrum is toxic to bees – even if the contact is indirect.  Avoid using on the plants that our pollinators use!
  • Be careful around fish tanks and ponds this product is very toxic for fish and tadpoles. If it’s in the air, it’s in the tank!

What garden bugs does it work on?

  • Pyrethrin insecticides are broad spectrum, so works on many varieties of  insect 
  • Generally insecticides (including pyrethrins) work faster on smaller insects because it takes a smaller dose to have an immediate  effect.
  • Pyrethrins work better on soft-bodied insects like aphids rather than insects with thick exoskeletons like beetles because the insecticide penetrates quicker.
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