Replace ALL your cleaning products
WiTH way less plastic bottles and toxins.

True story.

13 Propre bottles


190 SUPERMARKET bottles

No ‘little guy’ syndrome here.
you save UP TO 39% compared
to the big guys in the supermarket.
For real.


Average cost at supermarket



Average cost of Propre through
Easy Green

Family & Pet Safe

100% Aussie owned
and made

Delivered to
your door

Zero phosphates,
fillers chlorine &
bleach, Ammonia

Concentrates don’t just save money,

They save everything!

We’ve kicked old school cleaning products to the curb.
We are all about saving money, saving the environment & keeping it Aussie made!
Saving on single-use plastics… and regenerating the Daintree rainforest with every bottle.
We have partnered with the genius crew at Propre, who supply our super concentrates.
Non-toxic ingredients so tough they actually work. Yet so safe they protect.

Step one

Grab your bottle of concentrate & dispenser bottle

Step two

Fill the
dispenser bottle with
the concentrate up to
indicated line

Step three

Add water up to
line on bottle

Step four

Be amazed as you
use the products
as per guide

Step five

Save your dispenser
bottles & only buy refill

Saves Plastic from Ocean ● Save Toxins from waterways ● Saves the Daintree by funding regeneration

Introducing Your New

Cleaning Crew

Easy Green loves to make it easy to go green!

We proudly partner with Propre, who developed, manufacture + ship
this incredible team of cleaning products to your door!

Skoosh covers your liquids – sprays, liquid soaps, fabric softeners – the splashy stuff
Skoop is your powders – clothes and dishwashing powders – the scoopy stuff

We are your Easy Green Team – we’ll chat with you about orders, products, questions and advice.

Meet the Crew Captain – skoosh MULTI

This product is Multi Talented!
A little concentrate goes a long way.

Versatility is an understatement and we’ve saved
your cupboard space and back pocket too.

Remove the dirt using this proprietary non-toxic solution,
and eliminate the ‘dirty’ guilt at the same time!

Follow the simple instructions,
add water and tackle pretty much
every surface indoors and out.

multi purpose


Replace 90% of your cleaning products with one concentrate!


skoosh Multi - Glass

Easy to use, effective results,
economical and eco-friendly…
Window leaves no
cheeky streaks on your
sparkly clean surfaces.

Glass and mirrors so crystal
clear you will walk into them.

Apologies in advance.

multi purpose

Skoosh Multi Purpose

This multi purpose has more
uses than a swiss army knife.

Indoor or outdoor, it’s not picky.

Use it on your surfaces in
the kitchen, bathroom and
floors or take it outside
for your car, boat
and outdoor furniture.


Skoosh Multi - Heavy Duty

Heavy on the duties, this guy
removes shower screen
grime, oven or BBQ grease, car
engine oil, paint on brush
and wheel rim dirt.

It tackles your most
stubborn tasks like a boss –
without the attitude or
unnecessary emails.

BUT these guys ain’t no support act!

These Propre products are your A-Team for effective eco-cleaning.

Skoop Crystal


Skoosh Sparkle

Rinse Aid

Skoosh Soft

Dish Liquid
Car/ Boat Wash
Delicate Clothing

Skoop White

Laundry Liquid or

Skoosh Fresh

Hospital &

Skoop Soak

Clothes Whitener
Tile Grout Cleaner
Toilet Bowl
Oven Rack

Skoosh Cleanse

Gentle Hand Wash

Skoosh Protect

Disinfecting Hand Sanitizer

Skoosh Shoo

Insect Spray
Surface Repellent
Plant Pyrethrin
Dog Beds / Kennels
Silverfish / Moths

Bottle Packs and Accessories

Need some backup?!
Dispenser, pumps,
catalogues are available in the store

Bamboo Cloth Range


2 Sponges, 3 cloths,
1 Window Cloth

Skoop Value Pack

Skoop White Powder 2KG or
Skoop White Liquid 2Lt
Skoop Soak 2kg
Skoop Crystal 2KG
Skoosh Sparkle 500ml
+ Mixer Bottle

Skoop Premium Pack

Skoop White Powder 4KG or
Skoop White Liquid 4Lt
Skoop Soak 4kg
Skoop Crystal 4KG
Skoosh Sparkle 500ml
+ Mixer Bottle

Skoosh Value Pack

Skoop Multi Pack 500ml
Skoosh Soft Pack 500ml
Skoosh Fresh Pack 500ml
Bamboo Cloth Set
Spray + Mixer Bottles

Skoosh Premium Pack

Skoop Multi Pack 1Lt
Skoosh Soft Pack 1Lt
Skoosh Fresh Pack 1Lt
Bamboo Cloth Set
Spray + Mixer Bottles

Propre Value Pack

Skoop Value Pack (2kg/ 2It)
Skoosh Value Pack (500ml)
Skoosh Cleanse Pack 1lt
Skoosh Shoo Pack (500ml)
includes spray, mixer and
pump bottles

Propre Premium Pack

Skoop Premium Pack
(4kg/ 4lt)
Skoosh Premium Pack (1Lt)
Skoosh Cleanse Pack (1Lt)
Skoosh Shoo Pack (500ml)
includes spray, mixer and
pump bottles

Skoosh Essentials Pack

Skoosh Value Pack PLUS
Cleanse 1Lt
Protect 1Lt

Commercial Cleaner Buncle

Skoosh Multi Pack
Skoosh Fresh Pack
Skoop Soak
includes 3x set of 3 Spray Bottles


High Five!

You’re ready to take the small step to big changes to your family and our planet’s health!
We salute you!
So here’s what you need to decide – we’ve tried to keep it as Easy and Green (see what we did there!) for you to choose.

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Free Shipping + Save Even More


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We believe in Royalty to create Loyalty!

We trust you will love the products so much will be back anyway, so we have removed our Loyalty Program and made EVERYONE Royalty!

Experience these AMAZING bonuses just by shopping with Easy Green!

Reduce your
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If you’re ready to say yes to almost 20% more discounts (including the $14.95 standard shipping rate),
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Your heart is full
making small
changes that are
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You love that we are
Aussie owned and

You get all the feels
that your home is
clean and yet
toxin free

Full refunds if after
90 days you’re
not in love

Feeling all the feelz, but don’t know where to start?

Some days you just need a

personal shopper!

We get it!
Follow our recommendations below based on your vibe!

If you’re ready to say yes to almost 20% more discounts, then follow the recommendations below.
or if you’re the “do-it-for-me” type then book in a concierge call and our friendly Easy Green team will
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You got storage space

Want to save carbon miles

Reduce clutter in cupboards + oceans

Love bulk buy savings

Put your regulars on auto-ship


So if you’re all in, we recommend the Value Pack


OR even the Premium Pack



You like to date before you get married!

Got no storage space

Like ordering on demand

Don't mind paying a premium to try first!

So if you’re a Try/Buy, know that you are doing great
things just by switching! We recommend starting off with
the Multi – it’s seriously so multi, you’ll eliminate a
heap of cleaning products just with this bad guy


Multi Purpose Pack

insect spray

Or the Shoo Pack

insect spray

Or maybe Soak

* Before you Order Things you need to Know *

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Ready to Go?

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but we reckon you’ll be just as
excited as we are!