Our Easy Green Vision

We are a Melbourne family with big dreams for the world!!
But right now, I’m sure you’d agree… the world is a bit of a sh*tshow! (bush-fires, viruses, earthquakes)

It feels like Mother Nature is screaming out a lesson, in mindfulness and awareness, and not taking what we have for granted.

We’re listening. I hope you are too!

My name is Kath, and my partner Matt and I have a background in customer service, Marketing, IT, and entrepreneurship. (Art, our son, has the entrepreneurial spark too! )

We have always been eco-friendly as much as was practical, and let’s face it, convenient!

But we also have always known we need to do more!
That’s why we are so excited to launch Easy Green…an informative directory to connect you with the easiest ways to shop and reduce your carbon footprint conveniently.

We are adding products and perhaps even services as we go, but we are super pumped to be partnering with Propre as our first VERY EASY GREEN partner!

Consumer Action To Accelerate Change

Our backgrounds have exposed us directly to some pretty influential thought leaders and their teachings.

We think Richard Branson is right when he says that businesses need to have a social ‘give-back’ foundation or in the future, they won’t survive. See times are a-changin’ AND the real power and influence over policy is YOUR consumer dollar.
Business is responsible for giving consumers the pathway to make their daily spend CREATE the difference that Mother Nature is calling out for!

It’s essential if we want this sh*tshow to return to nature’s glory show!

That’s why we love Propre! The founder Angus Love knows this too! He has created a convenient, easy no-brainer vehicle for families to become completely carbon neutral. In fact, just by swapping out your cleaning product range to the Skoop and Skoosh eco cleaning products, you can become carbon positive!
Thanks to our partnership with Footprint Free!

Footprint Free

Footprint Free funds the protection, preservation and replanting of rainforests, the lungs of our planet. We are in a global emergency, as 50% of our rainforests have been lost to development and logging. We lose over 14 million football fields of forest annually. It only takes 50 customers purchasing a normal amount of cleaning products to replant a whole football field of forest, thanks to our Propre’s generous ‘give forward’ approach.

$1 from every product purchased is donated on your behalf through Easy green, to replanting the virgin gorgeous rainforest of the Daintree. It is home to the endangered Cassowary, and we are busily reconnecting mating corridors, to ensure this beautiful and rare bird remains with us for future generations.

Head on over to Footprint Free to calculate your environmental rent and you will soon understand just how quickly you can pay your rent, just by Swapping out your cleaning products to Propre – the easiest way to go green!

proprle cleaning products


Reach out to our Easy Green team.
We love to help fellow eco-warriors.

You have 90 Days to return the
products with 100% money-back guarantee
but we reckon you’ll be just as
excited as we are!

Your heart is full
making small
changes that are
actually big impacts
on our planet

You love that we are
Aussie owned and

You get all the feels
that your home is
clean and yet
toxin free

Full refunds if after
90 days and you’re
not in love

You have 90 Days to return the
products with 100% money back guarantee
but we reckon you’ll be just as
excited as we are!