SKOOSH Multi Purpose

As featured in The Daily Mail and Channel 7! This product is Multi Talented! A little concentrate goes a long way. Versatility is an understatement and we’ve saved your cupboard space and back pocket too – replacing 90% of your cleaning products!

Remove the dirt using this proprietary non-toxic eco-friendly solution and eliminate the ‘dirty’ guilt at the same time!

Follow the simple instructions, add water and tackle pretty much every surface indoors and out.

This product is refillable!

First time purchaser? Buy a PACK!

Returning customer? Buy a REFILL and save!

500ml Refill – $22.00 500ml Pack – $40.00
1 Litre Refill – $40.00 1 Litre Pack – $58.00
4 Litre Refill – $145.00 4 Litre Pack – $163.00



500ml Refill – $22.00
1 Litre Refill – $40.00
4 Litre Refill – $145.00


500ml Pack – $40.00
1 Litre Pack – $58.00
4 Litre Pack – $163.00

* PACKS include 3 Spray Bottles.

NB: You can buy additional dispenser bottle, pumps, and scoops separately

Window Cleaning

Easy to use, effective results, economical and eco friendly…
Window leaves no cheeky streaks on your sparkly clean surfaces.

Glass and mirrors so crystal clear you will walk into them.
Apologies in advance.

Multi Purpose

This multi purpose cleaner has more uses than a swiss army knife.
Indoor or outdoor, it doesn’t care.

Use it on your surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and floors or take it outside for your car, boat and outdoor furniture.

Heavy Duty

Heavy on the duties, this guy removes shower screen grime, oven or BBQ grease, car engine oil, paint on brush and wheel rim dirt.

It tackles your most stubborn tasks like a boss -without the attitude or unnecessary emails.

Our active ingredients are effective but
safe for a non toxic and non nasty clean.

Use Skoosh Multi for

Windows/ Glass
Tiles /Wooden Floors
Food/ Grease /Carpet Stains
Leather/ Vinyl / Upholstery
Mould/ Mildew
Smoke Stains


Skoosh Ingredients

The Propre range uses a proprietary product recipe of similar ingredients as your supermarket alternatives, yet all the nasties are removed! (think ammonia, phosphates, bleaches, chlorine). This approach means it’s super effective & eco! 

All products are formed from organic compounds, think salts and surfactants. Salts are natural cleaners, and surfactants break down surface tension of water – or in other words, make water wetter! So they are harmless* (*umm, unless you rub it in your eyes – like any salt, or eat it like soap – you’ll fart bubbles!) For more info download the SDS (and get a hit of caffeine to keep you awake!)


We are researching some fun facts right now – pop back soon

Family & Pet Safe

100% Aussie owned
and made

Delivered to
your door

Zero phosphates,
fillers chlorine &
bleach, Ammonia


Skoosh Multi
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by Sarah Goldsmith
Hands down the best green cleaner

I have tried every green cleaner on the planet, and didn’t hold any expectations for skoosh multi. When it arrived I got it straight out the box and cleaned sticky residue from my kitchen cabinets (vinyl wrap residue) and could not get over how easily it cleaned off. I’d been trying to clean it with my usual go to dish soap and it was taking a lot of scrubbing. With the skoosh multi it was wiping off effortlessly.

Then I took it out into the garden to clean the kids swings. It took the green mossy swing seats to looking new again. Couldn’t believe it.

It’s better than soap and water, it’s better than koh and it’s better than method. I never ever thought in a million years there was a green cleaner that actually worked.

 by Helen
Excellent Products

Highly effective and easy to use safe cleaning products for all our home needs. Beautifully and conveniently packaged......we love having reusable containers and an environmentally friendly product that works. Thanks Easy Green

 by Kim Swan
Skoosh Multi Purpose

I am a cleaner and I use Skoosh Multi Purpose on a daily basis in my cleaning business ! I just love the products! It’s a win win for me as I am saving dollars at the end of the day using these amazing products! Just love ❤️ Skoosh Multi Purpose!

 by Roger Stride
Skoosh Multi

Great product to use cleaning the car and motorhome. Lasts ages due to coming in concentrated form which also is great for travelling with limited space. Great results. Very happy I found this product.

 by Claire Stride
Skoosh Multi

I've been using this product for nearly 12 months now and I'm more than happy to continue with it as my go-to household cleaner. The mere fact that one product is so versatile as far as its uses and dilutions go, its eco- friendly nature, excellent value and ease of ordering, are just some of the reasons why i will be continuing to use this product.

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