How your eco cleaning just got easier.

These times ain’t easy, but being green can be…

Eco friendly cleaning solutions that will make cleaning so much easier!

There’s no denying it, things are tough at the moment. Like the rest of the world, Australia is spending more time at home. Right now, undoubtedly our own and our family’s health is top priority.

But it wasn’t long ago we were dealing with bushfires thanks to a long brutal summer! Remember them! – a lot has happened since then! We know! But perhaps this is all a force for good.

The earth is crying out for help, and help we will!

There is a way to have our homes safe, healthy and clean, and be kind to our planet too!

But we want to trust that something just works…without the effort.

The effort of:

  • Thinking and researching!
  • The budget blowout that seems to be the
  • trend with eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • Stock availability (and haven’t shopping trips become a game of “Who dares wins”?)

We just want it to be easy.

Working from home, schooling from home and entertainment being mostly from home, cleanliness and hygiene is the new black!

As consumers, we are demanding:


  • Healthier
  • Safer
  • Easy
We are demanding Eco Friendly,
Natural and NOT causing headaches

Propre cleaning products are the new kid in town who are taking charge of what Aussies are asking for and that is:

  • They work
  • They don’t cost a bomb
  • There isn’t a gazillion confusing options
  • They don’t make us feel guilty
  • They are good for our planet
  • The research is backed with the science

To make sure all the nasties are truly knocked out, the current climate recommends a double whammy approach of cleaning the surface first, followed by disinfecting.

For example, Easy Green’s Skoosh Fresh Disinfectant is naturally formulated to achieve hospital grade results. Without the harsh chemicals. Our government recommendation just became easier to follow in between Zoom meetings and science experiments.

Unbox the Value

No longer do we want to troll the shopping aisles looking for products or worrying about whether they’re going to bust the bank. Easy Green has taken this on.

You can literally ‘set and forget’ your order of Skoosh and Skoop Cleaning Products and have it delivered to your door monthly (just like Who Gives a Crap toilet paper subscription!)

It gets even better … there is a 90-day money back guarantee. Even if you use every drop, you can still get a full refund after the 90 days if you’re not satisfied.

When you put together the shopping ease, the product effectiveness, and the guilt free use, I’m guessing your socks will be knocked off, just like ours!

Inside the Value Pack you’ll find:

You also get bamboo cleaning sponges and cleaning cloths that finish the job off, leaving you pretty satisfied with your handiwork. (Let’s face it, for the time being it will be you and not the cleaner! #thankslockdown)

In addition, the reusable bottles are all colour coded and marked with levels of concentrate required for mixing – there’s literally no thinking needed, it’s all been done for you. How easy is that to go green!

What we love about them is that they all come in ‘concentrate’ form, so you don’t end up paying for mostly water in your cleaning solution.

Your cleaning cupboard no longer needs to be a cluttered one either – The Skoosh Multi-Purpose Super Concentrate covers 90% of your cleaning products. Legit. From your natural toilet cleaner, natural window cleaner and natural bathroom cleaner… it’s naturally going to free up the space in your home.

Propre are an Australian-owned start-up company, their environmentally friendly products are all made from Australian ingredients and the bottles are fully recyclable. They are also intrinsically linked with

Check out our following blogs to read more about how $1 from every product goes towards protecting our rainforests through Footprint Free. And don’t forget to check out the price compare feature, where the maths makes it clear why these guys are your new go-to eco cleaning product company in Australia.

Introducing your new cleaning crew!

These Propre products are your A-Team for cleaning.

Skoosh Multi

Windows/ Glass
Tiles /Wooden Floors
Food/ Grease /Carpet Stains
Leather/ Vinyl / Upholstery
Mould/ Mildew
Smoke Stains

Skoop Crystal


Skoop Sparkle

Rinse Aid

Skoosh Soft

Dish Liquid
Car/ Boat Wash
Delicate Clothing

Skoop White

Laundry Liquid or

Skoosh Fresh

Hospital &

Skoop Soak

Clothes Whitener
Tile Grout Cleaner
Toilet Bowl
Oven Rack

Skoosh Shoo

Insect Spray
Surface Repellent
Plant Pyrethrin
Dog Beds / Kennels
Silverfish / Moths

Skoosh Cleanse

Gentle Hand Wash

Skoop Value Pack

Skoop White Powder 2KG or
Skoop White Liquid 2Lt
Skoop Soak 2kg
Skoop Crystal 2KG
Skoosh Sparkle 500ml
+ Mixer Bottle

Skoop Premium Pack

Skoop White Powder 4KG or
Skoop White Liquid 4Lt
Skoop Soak 4kg
Skoop Crystal 4KG
Skoosh Sparkle 500ml
+ Mixer Bottle

Skoosh Value Pack

Skoop Multi Pack 500m|
Skoosh Soft Pack 500ml
Skoosh Fresh Pack 500ml
Bamboo Cloth Set
Spray + Mixer Bottles

Skoosh Premium Pack

Skoop Multi Pack 1Lt
Skoosh Soft Pack 1Lt
Skoosh Fresh Pack 1Lt
Bamboo Cloth Set
Spray + Mixer Bottles

Propre Value Pack

Skoop Value Pack (2kg/ 2It)
Skoosh Value Pack (500ml)
Skoosh Cleanse Pack 1lt
Skoosh Shoo Pack (500ml)
includes spray, mixer and
pump bottles

Propre Premium Pack

Skoop Premium Pack
(4kg/ 4lt)
Skoosh Premium Pack (1Lt)
Skoosh Cleanse Pack (1Lt)
Skoosh Shoo Pack (500ml)
includes spray, mixer and
pump bottles

Bottle Packs

Need some backup?!
Dispenser, pumps,
catalogues are available in the store

Bamboo Cloth Range


2 Sponges, 3 cloths,
1 Window Cloth