Easy Green’s range of eco friendly cleaning products vs The Big Brands

Let’s compare the new kid in town...

Comparing cleaning products can be quite beneficial, particularly when consumers like to tick all the boxes before they splash their cash. 

Cleaning products can get expensive, particularly when our consumer conscience leans towards the environmentally friendly options.

  • Price
  • Effectiveness
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Ease
  • Availability

Ultimately, price wins the prize in where we, as consumers, direct our purchasing power.

A cost comparison of the new kid in town, Easy Green (partnered with Propre) gives us a convenient, planet loving, dollar saving option that is.. well.. easy!

The first points Propre cleaning products score is with their Skoosh Soft Multi Purpose Super Concentrate. It literally covers 90% of household cleaning uses. Whether it’s the natural bathroom cleaner, the natural toilet cleaner or the natural window cleaner, it naturally covers all the bases. 

The second strike on the scoreboard is because it’s a super concentrate.

Yep, it’s a high concentrate formula.

Put simply, you’re only paying for the product, not the water added (sometimes up to 70%) by the other guys on the market.

You even get a super easy, no thinking required, bottle labelling system that shows you how much water is needed, depending on your use.

    Over to the big guys

    Skoosh Crystal is the eco friendly answer to your dishwashing dreams. In comparison, the Fairy dishwashing tablets works out to be 80c per wash.

    Skoosh comes in at 45 cents. So you’re saving yourself about 45%.

    Skoosh Shoo is the environmentally friendly insect repellent, and at $5.40 per bottle compared with Mortein’s $8.80, you’re saving 39%.

    There are also no hydrofluorocarbons damaging the planet, and we’re not having metal containers fill our land. YES to guilt free use.

    Skoosh Cleanse is our handwash hero, and at $6.80 per 500ml compared to ThankYou Body Wash, you’re saving 10% per 500ml. Our formulas are backed by science when it comes to effectiveness in removing the nasties (watch out #coronavirus!) we pick up daily on our hands.

    Skoosh Sparkle is the rinse aid (and it makes your dishes do exactly that!) and saves you 50% compared with Finish. Finish will cost you about $8 for 500ml bottle while Propre is only $4 per bottle.

    Buying eco with ease.

    Propre cleaning product range totally nails the cost argument.  Add to this, they offer a 90 day bottom of the bottle money back guarantee. You can use every last drop and you will still get every dollar back if your socks haven’t blown off. 

    And to add to the ‘set and forget’ approach Easy Green has an online ordering system that means you never have to set foot in the shops again for cleaning products, nor do you even need to think about hopping online and ordering at the last minute.

    Shifting times means our focus has shifted. Health and our family’s safety is high on the list, as well as quality and ease. Easy Green’s partnership with Propre have answered them all while also keeping the family budget safe.

    If you want to know more about what inspires Easy Green families, check out our welcome blog!

    Mainstream Vs Propre Comparisons

    Pine-O-Cleen Disinfectant

    500ml – $5.00

    Skoosh Fresh Disinfectant

    500ml – $0.30

    Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid

    350ml – $4.30
    Skoosh Soft Detergent

    500ml – $0.30

    Finish Rinse Aid

    500ml – $8.00

    Skoosh Sparkle

    500ml – $4.00

    Thank You Hand Wash

    500ml – $7.50

    Skoosh Cleanse

    500ml – $6.80

    Koh Universal Surface Cleaner

    4 Litre – $29.95

    Skoosh Multi Purpose

    4 Litre – $6.40

    Windex Original Glass Cleaner

    500ml – $4.30

    Skoosh Window & Glass

    500ml – $0.30

    Ajax Spray n Wipe 5 in 1 

    500ml – $3.00

    Skoosh Multi Purpose

    500ml – $0.80

    Mortein Insect Spray

    350g – $10.00

    Skoosh Shoo Insect Spray

    350g – $5.05

    Yates Pyrethrum Insecticide

    750ml – $7.85

    Skoosh Shoo Garden Spray

    750ml – $2.70

    Finish Dishwashing Tablets

    $0.89 per wash

    Skoop Crystal 2Kg

    $0.45 per wash

    Omo Laundry Powder 2Kg

    $0.55 per wash

    Skoop White 2Kg / 2Lt

    $0.56 per wash

    Vanish Stain Remover

    $0.80 per wash

    Skoop Soak

    $0.45 per wash

    So you see, you really are saving a lot with Propre and by going green.